Being based in HK whilst starting to blog, I have been fortunate to join a group called #HKFashionBloggers. Founded by professional HK stylist and blogger Jasmine Webster of DressMe, this group has an active Facebook group for fashion bloggers as well as organizing monthly meetings which gives us opportunities to network with our peers and fashion industry insiders. I picked up many tips which I hope to implement in the near future to help improve my blog (for example getting blogger business cards - a must in HK society even for hobby bloggers!)

Jasmine was the creative force behind a clothes wastage campaign titled "12 Days of Christmas" which was jointly implemented by #HKFashionBloggers and two HK charities (Redress and Friends of the Earth HK) Twelve bloggers from the group got together one day and had to style outfits from donated clothes found from Friends of the Earth HK donation bins. Imagine twelve individuals rummaging around 10 large sacks of clothing. The one rule was that everything apart from underwear and shoes had to come from the donated clothes. As a curvy Chinese girl, I did find it hard to find something to fit around my hips as everything was very much HK sized. I managed to find a bright pink woolen skirt which ended up being more like a body con skirt on me. With such a bright colour and tight fit, I decided to commit to the look and matched the skirt with an equally bright pink polka dot cardigan, neon green vest top and layered over that was another sleeveless top (navy blue with yellow dots) tied at the front to show off the pop of neon green. The whole ensemble was finished off with my pair of bright yellow shoes from local brand Sleeh. I totally was rocking the 80s look and was also channeling a cross between Edwina and Patsy from cult British TV comedy Absolutely Fabulous.


My Style Icons for the day: AbFab's Edwina and Patsy

I am not a make up person so I was rescued by the lovely Carla Layne who had kindly donated her time and services. And then it was my moment of glory. After watching shows such as America's Next Top Model, I thought modelling would be easy. Our professional photographer Sabrina Sikora (who also donated her studio, time and skills) put me at ease quickly as when that camera started clicking, I totally had stage fright and froze.

The campaign launched on 1st December 2012 on the Redress Facebook page with each blogger being featured on one day. (I was day 11 just to let you know!). The aim of the campaign was to highlight the ridiculously high clothes wastage in HK. HK people tend not to buy second hand and when clothes can be bought ridiculously cheaply at markets and outlets (though the quality is poor), people do not think anything of wearing something a few times and then throwing it away with the rubbish. I have personally always loved buying vintage and looking in charity shops for surprising finds so I whole-heartedly supported this campaign.

As part of the media blitz for the campaign (which included tv, radio and a feature on, I was fortunate enough to represent the group on an interview with local cable channel NowTV. Wearing vintage, we talked about our personal styles and how easy it is to recycle clothing to incorporate current fashion trends. For example, we found a lot of trench coats in the donated clothing bags which is so appropriate for the cooler weather we are experiencing. I am eager to see the results of the interview which will be aired on New Year's Day.


My fellow #HKFashionBlogger King Chan waiting for his moment to be interviewed

This whole campaign has really highlighted to me how wasteful, HK and myself have been. I am looking forward to organizing clothes swap parties with friends and also continuing my love of second-hand clothing.

I would love to hear from other people about their ideas on how to reduce clothes wastage...please check out my blog and contact me directly as this is definitely an issue that I am very passionate about.

When 3 groups get together and create something good...