I know many who are almost pros at this type of shopping. Spending hours a day, once or twice a week, driving to and fro, searching through other people’s junk, I mean slightly used items, and ending up with many a hidden treasure! However, yard sales are not something that everyone is into. Some of us, myself once included, find that this type of shopping produces very little, if any, finds at all.

I have searched many times past in hopes of finding that one potential gold mine. I have gotten the map out, circled all of the locations for that day, and then headed out the door – at least half a tank of gas ready and waiting for the travels ahead – just to be thoroughly disappointed with the less then suitable finds of the day.

I was impatient. I didn’t give it enough time. I didn’t search through EVERY plastic tub that was in the driveway for that one item hidden amongst the rest. I had better things to do. Well, that was before this last summer.

I have had such luck with yard sales this year that I have a new outlook on carelessly rummaging through other people’s things. And what has surprised me the most? Clothes. I have NEVER found so much slightly-used clothes that I would wear as I have this year. I don’t know if my style frame of mind has changed, or if the fashionable people of this town decided to let some of their nicer stuff go, but I have found that their to-get-rid-of has become my new-to-me wardrobe! Last week as the weather turned slightly cooler, a knit dress layered with a flowing, irregularly cut skirt underneath, made for a great outfit. The style is modern enough – a subtle graphic print and the skirt could just as easily be worn for a day of ice skating. (I only say this because the skirt is made from really stretchy material and it reminds me of something an ice skater would wear. Should I chose to dress up for the ice skating I never do, I will be set.) This outfit only set me back a few dollars, it was a great find! The shoes were also thrifted. Previously owned, but brand new from ebay.

I have decided to embrace this thrifty world and so my hunt for slightly used clothing has begun!


Dress: Fleurish // Skirt: Amy’s Closet // Sweater: So // Shoes: Doc Martens // Tights: very old! // Necklace: handmade