(Cotton On sweater (similar one from Asos & Forever 21), Zara pants, Maple scarf (similar one from Christopher Fischer), Esprite coat (similar one from Dries Van Noten), boots from boutique)
Let us consider the over layering of baggy sweaters and big coats with loose pants and slouchy boots. Just so happens, breaking my mental rule of balancing the loose and tight on the body.

So, allow me to explain how my decision settled this is an exception.

Indeed I was not pulling away from these herringbone pants with the perfect leather patch pockets for the day, and it just so happens that I have yet to wear my mustard sweater. Excellent. On bottom, pairing with these fur lined boots that is the same swatch as my pants, we find ourselves a decently cohesive look. You are entitled to comment how I dare to present myself in this slouch look, but it is true, I felt like I was floating around in my pjs.