Linnea (check out her natural hair and beauty blog!) is one of the very first people I met when I moved to D.C. in 2009 (it's already been over 3 years!!!). It's so weird, but we INSTANTLY clicked, and we've been friends ever since. We've even been roommates. She will be at my wedding, and I may lowkey name one of my children after her (middle name though, Linnea...middle name). We celebrated her birthday at Chi Cha this past weekend. There were a TON of people there, and it was great to use the gathering as an opportunity to say "goodbye" to some people I probably won't see before I move. It's starting to really set in. In a few weeks, I won't live here anymore!'s bittersweet.



If you're new to The Feisty House this year, my outfit is a true representation of how I like to dress. I put things together in my head and go. I don't really have a "process." Truly, that's the only way anyone ends up wearing a pink sweater, tribal print skirt and purple suede pumps. Welcome to my world!