One of the most frequent comments about my hair makeover is "Oh my God, weren't you scared??". Of course I was. But I strongly decided to fight my fears! Then and now!

From the first moment I started to have the last word in hair salon and not my mom, I was one of those girls who freaked out over two centimeters of hair. Because they always cut my hair more then I said (probably 3 cm), I started to cut it myself. When I wanted and, the most important, how much I wanted. And I was more than satisfied! Until...

I started this blog a year ago as a result of years of watching other girls doing their thing. I wanted to be a part of the world, too. I had something to say, too. But when you "get in", you realize how hard it is to be noticed. How hard it is to be eye catching!

My style changing moments came naturally and slowly. I always saw fashion as a fun game, and moving from Bosnia to Vienna, I got more room to play.
At first colors. Then color blocking. Prints. Then prints mixing. I had fun, but something was missing. I always had the feeling I have to change something.
"The hair" - it clicked. It was always let down the same way, sometimes up in a bun. No fun. No character. It had to go.

I browsed through internet for cool short hairstyles for months. Months! I even found few programs where you upload your picture and choose various hairstyles. I needed more opinions, so I asked friends and family. And most important, I listened to my gut. It was the right decision.

I cut my hair in April last year. I truly believe that is my second birthday! I felt free. I got new energy. I was newborn.

You don't have to open your closet, throw your clothes out and buy a new one. Step by step. Get out of your comfort zone. Too much black? Buy a colorful scarf. Jacket or shoes, if your braver. Always wearing dresses? Try them with studded ankle boots and give some toughness to that sweet girl. Try color shampoos. Cut your bangs.

Wake up!

Play around, boys and girls. Try new things. Have fun! Life is too short to play it safe!