Most people don't get a second chance at building a brand that they've sold and moved on from, but Beca Alexander-Saynt just got the chance to do just that. She and her husband Daniel Saynt built Fashion Indie from the ground up, then sold it to a Canadian company two years ago. They both went on to more corporate positions within the fashion industry, but kept an eye on their former project.

While the original Fashion Indie was about finding the next new stars, and playing hilarious pranks (they once claimed that Ed Hardy had bought them, which them got a phone call from WWD... who promptly hung up when they learned that it was an April Fool'sjoke), the new owners were more about competing with Refinery 29 than having an original presence. Daniel stayed for a few months to transition the remaining and new staff and then left to be CMO for Rebecca Minkoff.

Well, that's over.

You know that saying, that if you love something you'll set it free, and if it's meant to be yours... One day, soon after realizing that they missed the start-up life, they got a call from the Canadian buyer with an offer to reclaim the site they created. In November the Saynts marched back into Fashion Indie two years older, two years wiser, and with a mini-van full of bloggers in tow.Beca Alexander, Socialyte.co's'Fairy Blogmother', will be switching to Editor in Chief of the new Fashion Indie. The people who turned the Brooklyn Bridge into the world's longest runway were back.


Before she jetted off with Daniel to attend Art Basel in Miami (covering events for Bal Harbour Shops and a few Socialyte clients), Beca Alexander introduced me to her two dogs, Calvin Klein and Prada, and talked about and where she sees Fashion Indie going.

"We started Fashion Indie to showcase people in the industry who weren't given a voice. We want to bring it back to being about the inside of the industry... We thought we were done, but you know what? I was going to work every day, but I had the feeling that I was meant for something more. When we got the call, Daniel and I decided that it was time to take Fashion Indie to the next level."

Since she has an insider's knowledge of fashion and blogging, Beca's in a unique position. She started as a window dresser and personal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio before deciding to pursue a career as a fashion designer. She got into Parsons The New School and later realized that it wasn't designing that really interested her. What she really wanted to do was make magic behind the scenes in PR.

After working in the corporate halls of fashion, she knows enough about dealmaking and logistics that help bloggers like Jenni from I Spy DIY monetize their talents. She and Daniel started Socialyte, a thriving agency that helps bloggers realize their financial potential. She'll be an editor in chief that sees the creative side as well as the bottom line.


The new Fashion Indie will be featuring original content organized around a theme, and there should be 6 new stories being uploaded every day. The redesign is being done by Tid.al, the same company that built out Lucky Community and Teen Vogue Fashion Click. Fashion Indie will be one of the first non-Conde Nast media sites on the blogging platform.

Keeping checking in at www.fashionindie.com over the next month for updates, new content, and design changes. It's bound to be full of surprises.