Topshop leather jacket (here)
River Island leather bag (here)
vintage maxi skirt (cooler ASOS one here)

Hey guys! Hope yous all had a great Christmas :D get anything nice? (like ah-mazing clothes?) More importantly, did anyone of yous go shopping on St. Stephen's day/boxing day?! Some stores opened at 12AM!! I love shopping but c'mon that is ridiculously late.

I went shopping around 1pm with my sisters and mom, and visited Topshop, Zara, Bershka and River Island. It was crazy. Everyone's animal instincts came out, women everywhere were snatching tops from the shelves, searching frantically through the rails, hoping to find their size.

Luckily, I managed to grab a few things! I've been wanting an oriental style bomber jacket for SO long plus I know they'll explode in stores everywhere in Spring! (remember all the bomber jackets on the spring 2013 runways?) It was around €73 but reduced to €30! I absolutely love it. You can count on me to be wearing it in a few posts. Anyway, I got some tops from Zara and that was it! It's crazy how everything was reduced by 50%, sometimes more. Did you buy anything that was reduced significantly? Let me know :)
What are everyone's plans for new year?