Guys, take note...


The ladies have spoken. The above items were compiled from a survey I conducted earlier (thank you ladies for answering so promptly). Guys, these are the items that you should be looking for, especially, if your special someone expects more than a gift card - which are great- they just don't show much thought. Now of course, you should always get a gift return receipt with every purchase. The items above can be found online, if you hate the malls this time of year or all year-round.

Also, check out if you would like to get her or yourself a pair of stylish glasses for FREE. See my Review Here.

Ladies, a little help to get one of these gifts under the Christmas tree: Pull up this post and leave it open on his screen. Then make a comment on the items that you really like when he asks "what is this doing up"?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog :)