I’m wearing:  Fur Vest (Marshalls…. splurge), Sweater (Express…. splurge), Leather Skirt (Love 21 @ Forever 21…. splurge), Tights (Hue @ Marshalls), Gloves (Isotoner @ Kohls), Sunglasses (Halston @ TJ Maxx), Bag (Louis Vuitton), Booties (Guess @ Marshalls), Lipstick (L’Oreal Infallible Rouge in Coral Seduction 479) and a Smile (my own) :-)

And so it’s Thursday again…… now where did the week go?  Turtleneck sweater in horizontal stripes…. not an easy outfit to pull off as it brings out extra girth in the chin and in the tummy….. but I guess wearing something challenging at times is like blogging and life in general….. it’s all about being honest, being yourself and accepting that not all days are as perfect as the others. ;-)

Joining link parties of these fabulous ladies:  Tara (Penniless Socialite) and Sharon (The Tiny Heart) of the link Look What I Got…..Alison (Get Your Pretty On) of the link I Feel Pretty  and Lauren (Stylelixir) of the link (Style Sessions: Weekly Link Up). ;-)

Is it only me but I feel blogging made my days go even faster! I approach the 1st year of my blog in April with a free (ex-deal) redesign offer…. happy, yes, but not really in a hurry about that (it’s the slowpoke in me I guess….. always Zen about anything)! :-)

Let’s already embrace the coming weekend with glee….. keep it safe and always fantastic!! ♥

Breaking News:  This post was picked up by the Lucky Community as one of its top posts for the week.  Check out the banner/flip page here…..click on the arrows and you’ll find me there!! :-):-)