Dress: Parker // Shoes: Steve Madden // Clutch: Austin Yarn Co.

     I've never been one to judge another for not recycling or leaving the television plugged in when it's not being used; in fact, a good friend of mine chooses to throw her bottles in with the rest of the trash so that the bums in our neighborhood don't come up from a dumpster diving sesh empty handed. I kinda dig that. However, I personally try to help out Mother Nature when I can by carrying shopping bags into Albertsons, turning lights out when I leave a room, and this just in...shopping eco-friendly.
     I understand that it can be a bit drab to "go green" head-to-toe but why not work an eco-accessory into a look? Austin Yarn Company is one line that has managed to produce pieces that are wearable and fun...all the while using 100% organic sustainable wool felt. Aside from the obvious ways you can fit an accessory into any outfit (my motto is "If it goes with nothing, it goes with everything") eco-friendly purchases come free of buyers remorse. That's reason enough for me.


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