Happy Friday!

Last night I posted a gold inspired blog for Fashion Friday.  Today, I want to show you step by step how you can achieve this look and the products I use!  John and I are leaving for Miami tonight so I thought this would be the perfect day to take advantage of sporting a dramatic wing tip eye!

This is look we will be going for today.

I will let you know the exact products and brushes I use, but the best part of creating this look on your own is using your own products that may alter the result just a bit!  We are all created different for a reason, so embrace who you are and make this look your own!  That is one of the best parts of being a woman and a fashionista!

This is literally everything we will need today to complete our eyes!  It does not matter what kind of products they are, anything in the correct colors you are trying to achieve will work!

Q-Tips on hand especially when using dark eyeliner or mascara! 

I always start with Clear Eyes.  If you are anything like me, the second you put anything on your eyes you feel the need to itch them.  This helps with this problem and also lets your eyes pick up the natural light which makes them seem like they are always sparkling :)

Start with a fresh face.  I put a tinted moisturizer & eyebrows on prior to starting.
Added my favorite, Clear Eyes!

I like to use a natural concealer on my eyes before I put anything else on them.  I feel like it helps to keep any eye makeup in place.  It creates a nice clean canvas for your eyelids.
I used Revlon in light beige.
Looks like this:
Base on my eyelids.

After applying my base, I trace my eye with a pointed liquid eyeliner.  I do NOT yet make a wing tip.  This is just shaping my eye.  Applying this eyeliner does not have to be perfect and in the next few steps I will show you how to make the illusion that it is a perfect line.  Also if you make a huge mistake, you can always use your q-tips to clean it up a bit.
I used Revlon Liquid Eyeliner in Black

First coat, without wingtip.

Next I add the wing tip.  For this I start at the outer corner of my eye.   Making sure to go straight out.  I then fill it in to the thickness which I prefer.  I am going for a more dramatic, night look so I made mine rather thick.  Then trace over the eyeliner already on your eye. 
This is by far one of my favorite tricks and also one of the most important steps in my mind.  Using this white eyeliner pencil trace the outline of the black liquid liner you just applied.  I do this on the top of the eyelid and also on the bottom of the wing tip.  As you can see in the picture below compared to the photo above it really gives the image that the liquid eyeliner applied was done with a steady perfect hand.
I used Wet & Wild Eyeliner Pencil in White
White eyeliner cleaning up the black liquid eyeliner.
The next step is adding the GOLD and sparkle.  The clear nail polish looking bottle is actually glitter glue for the face. Please be VERY CAREFUL not to get this glitter glue in your eye.  I use a fine brush (not the brush attached to the bottle) to apply a small amount the the areas I want the glitter to stick.  In this case I applied the thin like directly on top of the white eyeliner line.  Then using the same brush I dip it into the gold lose glitter.  I apply it directly on top of the glue and wait for it to dry.  I repeated this on the bottom inner corner of my eye.  Remember to be careful with the glue.
I used Ben Nye Glitter Glue & Ben Nye Sparklers in Gold

Gold glitter on the top of my eye

Gold glitter on the bottom inner corner of my eye.

I did not include this eye shadow in the above picture of what you will need for this look because it is something I do not always add.  If you are going for a very dramatic eyeliner look, you can choose not to use it but today I wanted to blend the look together so I am using gold shadows and highlighters to shadow my eye.  I use a medium sized shadow brush and actually just used the lightest color you see there and brushed it lightly over the base on my eye.  I did not cover the glitter or eyeliner.  This was just for more of a shimmer on my lids.
I used Maybelline 50Q Sunlit Bronze Eye Shadow
Eye Shadow over the base on my eyelid.

I love eyelashes.  They are completely the best.  I am rather petite so it is hard for me to wear the very extreme over the top lashes (its probably a good thing) so I use these, all of the time... no matter what look.  I also like to use Duo waterproof dark-tone eyelash adhesive.  When you are applying the lashes use an eyelash grip or tweezers to allow the glue to set and get tacky.  I usually tell my friends to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and then apply.  Place the lash right against your natural lash, resting on top of you black liquid eyeliner. Allow them to dry fully before applying mascara or touching them.
I use Kiss Ever Pro Eyelashes 02 with Duo Waterproof Dark-Tone adhesive

Allowing the eyelash glue to set and get tacky so it will stick to you eye better and not slide all over.

STEP 10:
Once the eyelash glue has dried and settled, use your favorite mascara to blend your real lashes and false lashes together.  This will make a very dramatic eye so be careful of how much you apply.  It will not be the same amount as you use when you are not wearing false lashes.  The look and length is up to you!
I used Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black
Long Lashes! My fav!

STEP 11:
The next step is applying the bottom eyeliner.  This is what is going to go on the inner bottom of your eye.  I follow my eye from one corner to the other.  Going over it several times to add more color and drama to my eye.  I also like to get the inner corner of my inner eye.  It allows the eye to appear more shaped and bigger.
I used Wet & Wild Eye Liner Pencil in Black.
Bottom eye liner.

The final step is to touch up any part of the look.  For myself, I added a bit more loose glitter, traced my eyeliner once more and also cleaned up any fallen eye makeup with a q-tip.  

Done with our eyes!
 At this point you are ready to do the rest of your makeup to complete the look!  I will blog soon about what I use on my face and eyebrows.  Also I will be doing a blog about contouring!  




I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!