Going through the decades....vintage party gowns...
I chose to do a polyvore collage because there was such a variety of vintage party dresses on Etsy.  I love that there are so many different styles from all different decades.  I have tried to have a mix of quirky and more classic styles and tried to stay away from more sparkly pieces as I have done a post on sparkly metallic dresses.  Check out Etsy and simply search “Evening Gowns” and you will see what a variety is on offer and what a great price range there is.  Also, it is very unlikely that you would turn up at a party wearing a dress that others are wearing, every girl’s nightmare!!  Go Old Hollywood or Quirky Prom?  The choice is yours and when you go vintage, you really cannot go wrong as it is timeless and can truly express your wonderful personality!!!
Please find below a list of the dresses from Etsy that are pictured in my Polyvore collage!!  Celebrate in style!