I’ve always strived to make things that are somewhat icky or bulky-looking appear more girl-ified.  And I know I’m not alone here.  I mean, who didn’t go crazy with glitter glue pens for the better part of their childhood?

The hubby actually bought me this super snazzy (and supposedly user friendly … err, I think I know how to turn it on) camera many moons ago, and I rarely use it.  Part of it is that I am always running around like a crazy woman and I generally just forget it (and later kick myself for it), but also, and I know this sounds awful, it’s big, black, bulky, and kind of ugly.  There are some guys and gals who just look so cool rocking cameras around their neck, but they also look so cool in glasses, skinny jeans, and suspenders.  I blame hipsters for making me feel self-conscious in skinny jeans!  Boy have I run off on a tangent …

Right – the ugly camera.  It’s ugly.  And I make my husband carry it.  When I actually remember to bring it.

But not anymore!  Because apparently there are chic Rebecca Minkoff camera cases.  I never leave the house without a cute handbag to go with my look, so maybe, just maybe, if my camera were hidden in an RM bag, I’d remember to take it along!

Then there are the adorable camera straps with ruffles and sequins on them.  Girl-ified to the maximum.  It’s like glitter glue pens all over again.  I may just DIY this one, but the photos are so lovely!  You really wanna carry your camera now, don’t you?

Also, my camera isn’t at all quirky and vintage and cool like the camera in the pictures. Only awesome artsy hipster-types carry those.

Straps discovered on That’s Happy // by Bloom Theory Straps.

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