Aloha Frock Stars! I absolutely adore mixing textures and patterns, so today I’m frocking with one of my fave duos… leather and lace. I’m slightly schizophrenic when it comes to getting dressed, meaning that I don’t really stick to one particular style. I wear whatever the frock I want, and sometimes it can be girly, sometimes it can be edgy, sometimes preppy, sometimes mod, and sometimes I can even serve up drag queen fabulousness. I love the versatility of leather and lace worn together, and on their own. Leather is tough, sleek, and badass, while lace is demure, sweet, and fragile… wearing them both can seem wrong, when in reality it’s sooo right. So this week (for one item, five ways), I checked the leather, so we can be in the right lace at the right time.

Cut To The Lace:

Leather and Lace Bottoms Textured bottoms add interest and style to your look. When getting down and dirty with a texture, keep the rest of your ensemble simple.

1. American Eagle, $29.99 – Adorbs. I love everything about this skirt, the shape, the color, and the actual lace. The way that this skirt mixes two different lace patterns is phenomenal. This would look amaze with cable knit, or very thin sweaters.

2. Zara, $49.90 – Leather leggings tend to look extremely cheap, but not this pair. Zara is serving luxury, and I’m eating it up. The detailing on the knees is fabulous.

3. Dorothy Perkins, $44 – You simply must love nudie, it goes with everything. I find nude lace to be sheer eleganza. A pencil skirt can werq from day to night, you can frock it during the day with a white blouse, and sex it up at night with a silky top and gold accents.

4. Modcloth, $47.99 – The shape of this skirt is trè s sweet, so the tough finish is a nice contrast. The cutouts are interesting too. This skirt goes with virtually any type of shirt, a tee, a blouse, a button up, a sweater… the possibilitiesare endless.

Let’s Get Two-Leathers, Yeah Yeah Yeah:

Leather and Lace Tops

You need a top to go with those bottoms, mix and match the opposite textures. Each texture has the ability to dress up denim, or even a drab skirt. Throw on a fierce heel and show everybody what your werqin with.

1. SheInside, $28.48 – This may be one of the fiercest tunics in the land. Anyone can just slip into a pair of leggings, add this top, a simple shoe, big sunnies, a red lip, and look put the frock together.

2. Forever 21, $19.80 – J’adore the pop of color that this top is giving. This shirt embodies sweet and stylish. Rock it untucked with a skinny pant, or tucked with an a-line or pencil skirt.

3. TopShop, $32 – Lace appliqué makes a simple tee dressy. The black lace is to die for. It’s effortlessly chic, no jewelry required (well maybe a statement stud).

4. Max & Mia, $47.40 – I love a girly shape executed in a tough fabric. Peplum + Leather = Perfection. And those cutouts… alluring. This would look marv with soft wavy hair or a slicked back pompadour (or a big ass wig).

Ace of Lace:

Leather and Lace Dresses A textured fabric in an unexpected (but subtle) color is captivating. I like both of these fabrics in burgundy’s, chocolate’s, and navy’s.

1. SheInside, $39.90 – Royal realness. The only way that I frock with a scallop is if it’s on a piece of clothing, and this dress is werqing the scallop. I love the long sleeves and longer length… regal.

2. Target, $27.99 – I’ve been very impressed with Target lately. They’ve been collaborating with designers, having amazing sales, and they’re items are a pretty good quality. I think that anything that’s a shade of wine is a superb color choice. The trim on this dress is fab, I would totes rock it to werq.

3. ASOS, $23.75 – Sexy. Bold. Enticing. The color of this dress is amazing, and so are the off shoulder sleeves… umm hello New Years Eve.

4. Mango, $39.99 – I’m obsessed. The leather is toned down enough to werq in an office environment, yet suggestive enough to wear to a party.

Birds of A Leather Frock Together:

Leather and Lace Accessories Accents of leather and lace can pump of your outfit, big time. Black lace is sexy, brown leather is vintage-y, white lace is demure, black leather is tough. Color can give a texture a whole new vibe.

1. Qupid, $39.99 – Keep white from being bridal with touches of black. A cap-toe is extraordinarily trendy right now, Cinderella 2012… can I get a what what?

2. Jessica McClintock, $47.99 – A vibrant blue is a fun pop of color. Black lace keeps this clutch from being a bit too pretty princess. I’m most def into structured clutches right now, and that faux diamond closure is gorge.

3. MaddenGirl, $47.99- Camel adds polish to practically anything. I love the look of a smooth brown against dark denim. These would look magnifique with dark skinnies, a white tunic, a chunky scarf, and a sleek bag… I dig layers.

4. Poppie Jones, $29.95 – Dapper. Lately I’ve been into mixing rusty and chocolaty shades. Envelope clutches tie together ensembles, and make them look great. The metallic trim is a beaut.

Trading Lace’s:

Leather and Lace Jackets

Completing a look is important, and during the winter a jacket is a no-brainer. The right coat can make… or break your look.

1. Forever 21, $37.80 – I thoroughly enjoy that this jacket is leather + sweater, it makes the shape edgy and fun… and since it happens to be is part sweater, I think it could werq indoors and outdoors.

2. Miss Selfridge, $35 – This blazer is amazing. The cut is beyond fattering, and it looks like a real tuxedo blazer. Drop dead gorgeous. Ideal for the office.

3. Tilly’s, $44.99 – I’m very fond of brown leather. I’m all about the worn in, laid-back, yet luxe vibe that it gives off. Bomber jackets are casual perfection.

4. Forever 21, $11.99 – Sometimes, when something is this nice of a price, you just have to get it… and make it werq later. Yes, the color is vivid, but it can look amaze with toned down neutrals. This cropped number could also be genius for a nighttime extravaganza… not too hot, and not too cold.

Leave a comment or tweet me (@RockinAroundThe), telling me what textures you Little Frockers like to mix… I’m also down to kiki about the craziness of last night's Gossip Girl... or Housewives.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*

- S