Female ties? Do or not? The fact I had to go into my dad's wardrobe to borrow one may already made it wrong.. You can't fault a female wearing a tie will only draw attention! A male wearing one always gives him a formal look to them but what does it add to a women's outfit? Celebrities like Laura Bailey and Gwen Stefani are a few risk takers who have tried to pull of the masculine look,but it wasn't recently us girls have stole this trend. Diane Keaton frequently wore a tie as she acted Anne Hill in the 70s. But in wasn't until brands like Ralph Lauren and Miu Miu brought them back on the catwalk that made us girlys go tie shopping.

Ralph Lauren's bright purple tie
Laura Bailey wearing a cream patterned tie
Diane Keaton

Both images from Miu Miu A/W 12 collection