Hellooo, Auckland! 

Exploring a city is truly a magical feeling. Darting between various alleyways, buying take outs at places you’ve never even heard of, walking wherever you’d like with absolutely no idea where you’ll turn up – they are all some of my favourite things. Don’t get me wrong, I actually know Auckland city reasonably well – despite my horrific sense of direction – but something seemed different about this trip. We were visiting for work, specifically photography, but we wanted to make this visit special. We did some of the tourist essentials, including a trip up the Sky Tower – a 328 metre tall building (!!), and numerous visits to the casino – where we won $26 on various machines! Sometimes it’s the simple things that are the best though, and in particular I really loved the day that these photographs were taken.

I’ll be honest – when I’m on holiday, I wake up on an almost daily basis absolutely starving. The morning usually involves me convincing Barnaby to leave the hotel as soon as possible, just so I can make my tummy happy and full again. Of course, this was one of these mornings! We walked, walked, and walked until we found the most incredible place on the waterfront. It was was so amazing – perched right beside the water and surrounded by all sorts of impressive boats. I ate an entire vegetarian cooked breakfast and half of Barney’s too. Yum! It’s probably the reason that I adore these photos quite so much – my meal certainly left a good impression! I wore round sunglasses and a Jessica Ogden romper, both from ASOS. Auckland can be seriously windy at times, so I actually wore playsuits for the entire trip – none of that upskirting for me, thanks!

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