Gift Guide: For Him

American Apparel /Christian Louboutin wallet/ Movado stainless steel watch/Tech accessory/Men's Dolce & Gabbana By Dolce & Gabanna Eau De Toilette - 2.5 Oz/Just Because

Valentine’s Day is all about showing the love. What better way to say ‘I love you’, than with the perfect gift for your crush, boyfriend, or husband. Here’s a gift guide for all the lovers out there who need a couple of ideas on what to get the man in their life:

1.Cologne- Every woman loves a good smelling man! Get your beau his favorite scent or a scent you’d love him to wear. Stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshalls offer popular men’s scents for a fraction of the price compared to big retailers.
2.Wallet- How many of us have seen a men’s wallet that looked so beat up you’d assume it had been in a fight and lost? If that’s the case, treat your man to wallet for Valentine’s Day. If you’re on a budget, T. J. Maxx is great place to get Kenneth Cole or Hugo Boss wallets for very inexpensive. If you’re beau is a little more particular, Nordstroms and Saks are great shopping options to find a little pricier wallets with great style.
3.Shave Kits-every woman loves a well groomed man. Why not get him a shave kit that will make his skin look healthier and smoother?
4.Cell Phone- If your guy is a gadget guy, a great gift for the techy in your life is a new cell phone.
5.Tablet- This is my favorite go-to gadget and tablets are all the rage lately for their convenience and portability. He’ll be able to surf the web, play games, check stocks or banking information all from this neat little device.
6.Watch- A great timepiece is always an necessity. Have your man’s wrist stand out with a great watch from Bulova, Invicta, or Movado.
7.Edible Arrangements- For the guy that loves to eat, but is watching his weight, why not get him an fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements. They deliver same day and if your beau has everything already, just a gesture of love like this can be very thoughtful.
8.Ties- Last, but not least, a men’s tie. Every woman loves a well-dressed man and with Justin Timberlake’s new song ‘Suit & Tie’, it makes it seem all the more necessary for a man to be dressed “to the nines” for his lady.

So what will you get the man in your life?

Fashionably yours,