I don't know about you, but sometimes shopping for the man in my life can be difficult. He claims to be simple and "not need much". I happen to think he is too picky. :) If I am being completely honest, hewouldturn his nose up at many of these items as he "doesn't need a watch when I have my phone" or "that sweater looks itchy". So, this is for you ladies (and gents) out there who have a little more room for imagination with your gifts. Likely I will end up with some funny boxers and a card, but like I said before, as long as it is from the heart, who really cares? Valentine's Day really does bring out my inner mush.

mens gift
  1. Rivers Island Sweater $71.00 (here)
  2. Burberry Cologne $69.00 (here)
  3. Timex Elevated Classics Dress Watch available at Target $40.00 (here)
  4. Jack Willis Plaid Shirt $39.00 (here)
  5. Brooks Brother Boxers $25.00 (here)
  6. Dents Cashmere Gloves $87.00 (here)
  7. Hanky Panky I Love You Set $87.00 (here)
  8. Weekender $395.00 (here)
  9. Slippers $195.00 (here)