Valentine's Day means different things to everyone. You could hole yourself up in your apartment with chocolate, wine and Saw 3, if the day isn't your favorite. You could go out with your girls and make it a day celebrating your friendships instead of the lack of the men in your life. You could be going out to an expensive dinner with your love with roses, champagne and gifts. Or you could be staying in with take out, movies and yoursignificantother(the latter being my favorite).. Either way, a little gift is always fun. Whether you give yourself something our your man gifts you something, a gift is always fun. This holiday should not cause stress, because in reality, it's just an excuse to get us out there and spend money.

Valentines Gifts for Her

Valentines Gifts for Her by mandajoy166

  1. Toms Valentine Classic Flats $54.00 (here)
  2. Diptyque Candle in 'Roses' $60.00 (here)
  3. Hanky Panky Set $105.00 (here)
  4. Mr. Chocolate Box $19.00 (here)
  5. Tory Burch Heart Earrings $68.00 (here)
  6. Minor Obsession Heart Necklace $315.00 (here)
  7. Butter London $18.00 (here)
  8. DVF iPhone Case $28.00 (here on sale!)
  9. Lulu Guinness Lip Blot Wallet $250.00 (here)
  10. Forever 21 Heathered Heart Pullover $18.00 (here)
  11. Kate Space Twirl Valentine's Day Set $70.00 (here)

Gifting on Valentine's Day should be easy, regardless of your budget. Whether it is a simple box of chocolates or a gold necklace, as long as it is from the heart, the gift will be mean the world(maybe the undies aren't from the heart exactly...but they absolutely have thought put into them!) What are some gifts you have gotten on Valentine's Day that you loved? What are some ones that you hated? My favorite gift was last year: a homemade card, a single rose and a small piece of chocolate (respecting my diet of the month). Stay tuned tomorrow for my gift guide for him!