To me, clothes are so hard to buy for friends. I know how picky us gals can get. What if its the wrong fit? What if you already have something similar? What if its horrendous? Worst of all... what if you can't return it? 

That's where Lush comes in. Lush is a handmade all natural cosmetics store that specializes in spa like facial scrubs, masks, bath soaps, melts, bombs and ect. I mean... lets be honest here. If we get one more Bath and Body Works set, we might just lose it! Can I get an amen? Lush is so not like that though. Its delicious. Its all natural. Its unique. Its just... cool. And with each soap and bath bomb being super affordable you could buy something for everything gal you know plus a couple for you. Ummmm, yes, please?! They have bomb dot com hair care products, too. AND did I mention they have a whole bunch of holiday inspired goodies? Cause they do. Get on it girlies. PS: My birthday is coming up.... sooooooo ;)

Order online or check their store locator for a location near you!


Ocean Salt Facial Scrub - Brightens up face 

Retread Deep Conditioner - Adds shine and bounce

You've Been Magoed Bath Melt -Mango flavored bath heaven in bar

Butterball Bath Bomb - For vanilla lovers

Big Blue Bath Bomb - For a mini vaca in your bath

It's Raining Men Shower Gel - PERFECT for your besties! Smells like toffee!