I have kinky/curly hair. It's not something I'm ashamed of, it's just how my hair grows. I don't like perms (burning, they smell, too expensive), I don't want a weave, and I won't wear a wig. When I was a kid, not having straight hair was a crime against God and country, but these days people are a little more laid back if you're hair twists instead of bounces...


Recently, a spate of natural hair care salons have opened across New York. The newest entrant is Miss Jessie's, founded by Miko and Titi Branch. The curl bar is the offshoot of the popular Miss Jessie's product line, which I first encountered at a Ricky's drug store last year. I had a such good enough experience with the Creme de la Curl hair cleanser that I would definitely drop by the Curl Bar for a treatment.

You can find out more about Miss Jessie's Curl Bar here, and snag some free samples of Miss Jessie products here.


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