Finals are rapidly approaching and I am freaking out! I'm not exactly prepped and ready for my exams and that is extremely stressful. The only thing consoling me is that I will not be stressed about what am I going to wear during finals; that's a major stress relief knowing that I do not have to worry about what I am going to wear.
Most people during finals wear sweatpants or yoga pants to be "comfy." Personally, I do not believe in wearing sweatpants/yoga pants outside of the house. I understand wanting to be comfortable but there are ways to achieve that without looking like a slob, Karl Lagerfeld once said "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants." I could not agree more with this, don't wear sweatpants/yoga pants to study/take an exam. Instead, wear something that makes you feel good as well as look good, this will boost your confidence and you'll be ready to ace that exam!

Below is a typical study/taking an exam look that I would do:

Get Down and Study-udy-udy!

I'm not unreasonable I understand the comfort of yoga pants as well as sweatpants, I just don't think they should be worn outside the house. For the comfort factor, I would wear Slim Gym Skinny's from Aerie (American Eagle if you do not have an Aerie around you). They are similar to leggings except that they are thicker and have a fold-over band which makes it flattering for every body-type. The cute lace detail along the side of the skinny pant add a sense of sass that I simply cannot resist.

Over sized sweaters are naturally a go-to for me. They're comfortable,versatile, and warm; perfect for those drafty classrooms and libraries. I tend to stick with neutral colored sweaters with stripes and throw on a fun colored scarf for a splash of color.

I LOVE boots! Most people would tend to wear UGGs, don't get me wrong UGGs are fantastic; they're warm, comfy, and cozy. However, I want to look more put together so a pair of classic leather motorcycle boots are my main squeeze. I chose FYREs for their extreme comfort and sleekness, as well as some nice thick socks for added warmth.

For a dash of prettiness some small gold jewelry and bright red nails will do the trick, nothing over-whelming. After all, I am studying and/or taking an exam so I don't want to be too distracted by all of my pretty details and can't focus!!

As for make up, KISS (keep it simple, stupid. lol). As much as I love my cat-eye, during finals I am often staying up late and sleeping in until the last possible moment, so the last thing I want to do is sleepily draw on my cat-eye when I have 20 minutes to get to class (Michigan State is a large campus so it takes a bit to get to/from class). Two coats of mascara and a little eye shadow to make my eyes pop and look more awake will do, as well as some chap-stick layered with some lip gloss for a simple but put together look. Set it with some setting spray for those late nights at Club Lib (The Library, hahaha) and Voila! I'm good to go!