I rolled out of bed this morning with just the intention of rolling out of bed. I didn't feel like getting up. I didn't feel like eating breakfast since I threw up the night before (and no, it wasn't from a heavy night of drinking or anything remotely close to that). I didn't feel like putting on my contacts. I didn't feel like putting on any make up. I didn't even feel like (*gasp) getting dressed today. But after lolly gagging for a couple of hours, I managed to convince myself to wash my face and put on some moisturizer. Since I was putting on moisturizer, I might as well put on some make up, right?

Suddenly, Hubbs walks in and tells me he's going to go pick up our friend Kevin, and asked if I wanted to come along. Our friend lives merely a mile down the road from us, and yet I hopped up and agreed. I grabbed whatever clothes I could easily get my hands on. I dug for shoes, but just ended up grabbing the first "pair" that I could find, and then scurried after the Hubbs who was already in the car. As I approached the car, I couldn't help but notice my reflection (how narcissistic of me). I was quite pleased. Somehow in my daze of not wanting to do anything today, I managed to actually pull myself together- albeit a little slower than usual.

Surprise, surprise. The skirt is thrifted. It is so obviously from the 90s. It's beautiful floral and vibrant colors are so fun and amusing. The cut is high waisted and classic. I have worn this skirt many times during the summer, but lately, I haven't been able to find a top that I pleased me enough to wear it with. I can't tell you the number of times I've tried to wear this skirt in the past few weeks, but just hated everything that I paired with it. Go figure, the day that I didn't try at all, I managed to hit the nail on the head. The shoes that I actually managed to find the "other pair" to, are also thrifted. It's a beautiful vintage suede Anne Klein peep toe with a modest heel. I haven't been wearing anything modest lately so it's a wonder that I could actually find this pair and not any others.

I can't wait for the weather to settle down so that I can really transition into fall.





hello bra.

top: sheer asymmetrical sweater by forever21
bottom: high waisted floral skirt by sequel, thrifted
shoes: peep toe pumps by anne klein, thrifted
bag: quilted handbag,
eyewear: prescription,
jewelry: collar necklace, target 

photography by Ashley Holbrook