While I’ve been home, I’ve gotten to go to two Illinois Basketball games! The Braggin’ Rights game versus Mizzou in St. Louis (where I happened to run in to a Bows & Sequins reader!) and the annual United Center game in Chicago (where we way-to0-closely beat Auburn).

If you’re new around here, Illinois is my alma mater and I am an avid Illini basketball and football fan! I was born bleeding orange & blue, if you will. My parents have had season tickets to both Illinois football and basketball games since before I was born so I have been to quite a few games.

In my humble opinion, a sports game is no excuse to wear a generic t-shirt in public. Over the years, I’ve become pretty good at finding cute game day options that don’t include jerseys or sweatshirts! Don’t get me wrong, I have a few Illini jerseys and I’ve been known to wear them to football games, but I much prefer a cute orange and blue outfit.

Gameday Gingham Details:

J.Crew Gingham Shirt / J.Crew Short-Sleeved Sweater (old, similar here) / J Brand Jeans / Cole Haan Orange Loafers / Michael Kors Two-Tone Watch / J.Crew Enamel Rhinestone Bracelet / J.Crew Pavé Link Bracelet / Kate Spade Bow Ring

^^ If you were wondering.. Yes, I bought “the loafers” in a second color! You just can’t beat the comfort of the Nike Air Technology! And I rarely turn down a chic pair of orange shoes. I blame my mother for that one. My mom has raised me to always be on the lookout for a cute orange top, bag, or shoes. Seriously, it’s like engrained in my brain. Even though I live in New York and rarely go to games these days, I still find myself gravitating towards pumpkin-hued pieces. Heck, maybe that’s where the pumpkin-fever comes from. My hometown school colors were also navy and orange so it worked out well.

Here’s a funny story about my family’s orange & blue roots… I was a sophomore in high school and wanted a designer purse. Dooney & Bourke was all the rage back then and I really wanted a bag. Knowing my mom wouldn’t give a 15-year-old a few hundred dollars for a bag (I think it was $165 at the time), I had to get strategic. I found an orange Dooney & Bourke Barrel Bag at Nordstrom and was crossing my fingers that the (former) Indianapolis Nordstrom would have it in stock during the Big Ten Tournament. Sure enough, they did! And convincing my mom that I needed an orange purse was much easier than convincing her that I needed a designer purse. :)

The only picture of my old orange Dooney & Bourke bag I could find!

Gameday Stripes Details:

J.Crew Silk Striped Shirt (similar) / J.Crew Orange Blazer / J Brand Jeans / Sam Edelman Boots / Michael Kors Two-Tone Watch / J.Crew Enamel Rhinestone Bracelet / J.Crew Pavé Link Bracelet / Kate Spade Bow Ring

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