Before I started blogging I rarely ever took my DSLR out with me. The only times I could justify lugging the heavy black device around was if I were on holiday or at a special event. These days I am rarely ever an arm's reach from my trusty camera. Thus is the beauty of blogging, it has forced me to rethink how I go about my day. I hope you're enjoying my friday's fancies series as much as I enjoy putting them together. Here are some fun snaps from this week. Enjoy!


Wearing breton stripes with red lacquer nails while packing away an entire box of macarons. I should probably take note from the French and practice that whole "eat in moderation" thing they're so well known for. 


I'm not sure if Monsieur Hermes would approve of me using his fine silk scarves to cover my unwashed messy hair. But I'm thankful for beautiful accessories like these that turn any bad hair day into an excuse to wear head scarves. 


Notice how the red light and red clock hands speak to each other? The best part was finding out that the clock was intentionally not working so the hands could remain in the vertical position. It's little details like this that reflect the true character of people and places. 


There's something about walls covered in greenery that I just adore. They remind me of old palace grounds and fairy tales. I especially love how this building is an old warehouse and is as far removed from fairy tales as can be. Little things like this just brightens my day.  


How adorable are these succulents! I think I may have found the perfect Christmas present. These little bag plants are original, unique and oh so lovely. I even feel inspired to try and diy these (which rarely ever happens when there's sewing involved).