This DIY was inspired by the arrowhead jeans I saw online at Free People. They have this geometric embroidery going down the side of each leg and then vertically on the front and back of the pants. It’s such a simple design with maximum impact. Instead of embroidering the entire thing, I hand stitched on a geometric trim and then embroidered the triangular patterns after. Because there were so many hard-to-reach places, using a sewing machine was not an option, so this project took a bit of time. If you’re handy with a needle and thread and love these jeans but don’t want to spend $208, then this DIY is right up your alley! Follow along below for the simple 3-step tutorial, and check out the rest of Free People’s incredible collection of denim.

Stylemint tee, DIY PacSun jeans, ASOS bag, DIY bullhead necklace, Aldo booties, Madewell rings

Materials: a plain pair of jeans, 5 yards of 3/4″ wide trim, 2 embroidery flosses, pins, needle & thread

Step 1: Start by pinning the trim on sides of the pants. Decide where you want your design to start on the front and back of the pants and pin your pieces accordingly. I did mine at different levels on the front and then the same level on the back.

Step 2: Hand sew the trim onto the pants on all areas.

Step 3: Hand embroider a geometric ‘arrowhead’ design on the front and back of the pants near the trim. Look at mine and the Free People jeans for design inspiration.