Hello Beauties!!! I am back with a product review!!!! Since I had such a great response on the Maybeline BB Cream, I decided to do one on a foundation. I have been using MAC for years and I just decided here lately that I want to share with you those same drugstore products that can give you that same flawless look. I've been wanting to try this foundation for a few years now, but being that I was hooked on MAC I just did not worry about trying anything else.

I purchased the Revlon Colorstay about a month ago, and I have been using it for about that length of time or just a week shy of a month completely.
I love this product. It gives great coverage and it does not rub off easily. I cannot say that it last for 24hrs because I did not wear the product for that length of time. In comparison to MAC, it does a damn great job. It didn't have me all shiny and oily looking like MAC tends to do after about an hour or so. The only thing I can say bad about it, is it may be the culprit to my latest breakouts!!!! Ugh!!! I had found my new love but now I may have to let it go...

Pros to ME:
(This only applies as for what it does for me)

  • Great Building formula
  • Great Coverage
  • Doesn't rub off 
  • Gives you a complete Matte finish
  • I advise you to purchase product if you do not have sensitive skin
Cons to ME
(This only applies as for what it does for me)
  • Leaves me with Breakouts
Along with using this product, I've also been using the Revlon Photo primer in the lavendar color which is to color correct. 

I absolutely love this primer!!! It does the job perfect and I can't wait to purchase more!!! 

Please leave your thoughts below.