If there are aphrodisiacs, an array of foods that are recommended to eat before sex, there’s also a list of foods that are discouraged because these potentially hamper lovemaking by either causing bad breath and/or flatulence.


Love should be celebrated between couples regardless of mouth odors. However, as a sign of decency, both parties no matter how familiar they are towards their each other should make the effort to make every intimate situation enjoyable. Over time, people sometimes gain weight, lose hair, get wrinkles–all of which are inevitable. There are things that can be controlled though such as the foods consumed before and during sex.

Since intimate situations usually start with kissing oral hygiene is a must for it to be mutually enjoyable. As such, try to avoid eating strongly flavored foods as well as herbs that even though they taste delicious during the meal, do not translate positively during smootching. You may wish to go easy on garlic, onions and related herbs and vegetables like shallots and leeks during dinner. To be totally safe, you may wish to avoid foods that just have even a hint of these ingredients.

Other odorous foods include cheese (especially varieties with molds like Roquefort); fermented foods like shrimp paste, kimchi and sauerkraut; and different kinds of curry dishes. Overly spicy dishes are also something you may want to go easy on and instead opt for mildly tasting flavor profiles.

Though the abovementioned foods are generally accepted to cause bad breath and/or gas, these are not necessarily considered bad for some cultures which consume spicy foods, garlic and onion as a main ingredient in food. Also, a quick brush of the teeth and gargle of minty mouthwash can eliminate potential mouth odors so it can still be consumed with no problem. However, just to be sure, better safe than sorry or stinky!


On the other extreme of food and sex, should you wish to explore the world of aphrodisiacs, here’s a quick rundown of foods that are known to have these qualities: oysters, almonds, dark chocolate, vanilla, honey, strawberries, figs, avocado, ginger and red wine. These contain different compounds which affect hormonal levels and either heighten sexual arousal and/or enhance virility.