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Happy Fashion Friday at last!! I have been dieing to post these, Foxtale Photography did an amazing job taking these photographs. If you haven't noticed yet I am notreallyone to post pictures of myself here on a regular basis, so go easy on me it's a little different doing this kind of post.
This outfit rocked, I really like the lace with the polka dots. This outfit feels very fall-esque to me. It's still around 80 degrees everyday here, so these tights are even a little much for Florida's "fall."




How about this last shot!? It's a Michael Kors explosion- I think I'm in Heaven!
I've worked with Lucy and Wayne of Foxtale Photography in the past and was very excited when they asked me to work with them again on a different kind of project.

So what do you think, do you like the lace with the polka dots? Or is it a little too much for you?