At the end of every year, I remember why I get such pleasure out of having a blog. It's so that, when I look back, I not only remember what I wore but I remember those days. I remember the occasions, the emotions, the goals. These photos appear as one thing on the outside, but represent a slew of other things right beneath the surface. I can so clearly recall the elation I felt when I first purchased my YSL Tributes and the moment of self doubt before chopping my bangs. I remember which outfits were easy to style and which practically sucked the life out of me.

I hope you get something out of looking at these photos too, maybe some inspiration, maybe some recollection. Here is a look back at my January 2012 outfit posts.

Debuting the Tributes | Super Casual Friday | Girly Girl
Brightly Striped | Brunch Dress & Samurai Hair | Purple Pants
All Black Everything | Geometric Sweater | Pointy Ankle Boots
Big Bangs & Skinny Pants

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