(sweater from boutique (similar ones from Farfetch, John Lewis), Old Navy cardigan (similar ones from SheInside, Stylebop), Forever 21 leather shorts, tights from boutique (similar ones from Barneys), Thom Browne sunglasses)
This is the 2.0 pairing with leather shorts. Count my word as I say there will be many more versions to come. I have found that this little piece is very duplicitous. It is only reasonable to wear legless bottoms when it is leather because it is a 'winter' fabric. Yet, I wore it especially because the weather is still warm enough for my legs to survive in tights. With the cooperation of my mom's hand-me-down, and what I like to call a robe, I look like a can snuggle and sleep through the next two months. (Pretty sure I can if I could. Just kidding, I need to wake up and go workout. Now, that is not a joke.) 

This was a very exciting day as I like to think that I have finally become a big girl. I made my first big purchase - small in size, big in bucks. I am so happy and in love that I had trouble sleeping one night because I couldn't stop thinking about it, sitting loosely on one shelf in the store and possibly someone taking it home before I race there the next day. Yes, I climbed all those stairs and hills back up to the store and there it was. This all makes me sound crazy and mad but I am sure most shopaholics out there have had shared similar experiences in the past. I will reveal it soon in another post. Thinking of a 'What Is In My Purse' post. Yes? No?

Last but not least, the Style & Shades crew (meaning just me...) wishes everyone a happy holiday and a merry christmas! Hope everyone will have fun indulging in christmas treats, great presents and a warm cozy night with your loved ones.