My introduction to the practice of yoga and decision to attend class regularly a year ago not only provided me with a new lifestyle for mind and body, but also offered another excuse to shop. The clothing market for yogis is undeniably saturated with the goodness that is Lululemon Athletica. Founded in 1998, the company now seems to have it all - your yoga basics, plus outerwear, underwear, and accessories that aren't only for your time on the mat... In fact, I find myself stopping into the store for just about any need I may have. If you practice yoga as frequently as I do - anywhere from 3 to 7 days/week - you come to realize that a somewhat extensive collection of tanks, sweaters, pants, and shorts are nearly as essential as they are fun to shop for. My friends have likened my love for the world of Lululemon to that of a substance abuse problem. This is not to say the market is limited. In fact, several mainstream retailers have hoped on the activewear bandwagon... And I would be lying if I said I didn't own a pair of Abercrombie and Fitch yoga pants (purchased for a reasonable sale price of under $20). Victoria's Secret's VSX sport line has also expanded recently and Aritiza has featured a spinoff collection within their 'TNA' brand for many years. I can't say I'm willing to pay unreasonably high prices for items from your average clothing retailer, though. And ladies, if I have one message for you, it's that if a pair of pants isn't made for yoga, don't wear them to class. Chances are, your common cotton legging is going to end up giving us all an unsolicited view of your unmentionables during a forward fold or downward dog. So yes, yoga is first and foremost about the breath... But some cute accessories can't hurt either! Without further ado, I propose to you every yogi's essentials:
(1) pair Lululemon Wunder Under
(1) shrug-style sweater of the Aritzia 'Wilfred' nature
(3+) long scarves of any texture to keep you warm during savasana
(1) regular mat bag (containing at least one pocket for personal items)
(1) multipurpose bag large enough for a yoga mat for those days when you have pre/post yoga plans (think Lululemon's Post-Savasana Tote)
(1) mat-sized towel for hot yoga (or any style, really)