Is your smartphone the first thing to greet you when you wake up? How about the last thing you see at night? Still your smartphone? Well then, obviously, you’re single! You need someone to greet you “Good morning” or “Good night.” And what’s the best thing to help you find someone? Well, your smartphone, of course!

Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you need a date. Worry no more, because with great mobile apps nowadays, finding a date is just within the reach of your fingertips. Mobile dating apps make it now easier for anyone to meet someone. Here are twelve great dating apps for singles!


Available only for iOS, this free app has 2 million users. It requires you to enter your ZIP code so that the app can get you matches near you. You can browse through photos of users near you and you can click “Yes!” if you are interested in that person. You’ll get a notification when the person likes you back. You can also use the app for live chat. The app also allows you to filter the users so that you can view only those that match your interests. You can also go invisible whenever you browse profiles so other users cannot view yours.


Also only for iOS, this app is free. Blendr is a location-based dating app with check-ins like the ones on Foursquare. Users can either create a Blendr profile or just import their Facebook profile. They can also sort users by interest or by location. The app includes photo-sharing and chats, with a “heat map” to see the locations with the most user check-ins. Users can also integrate the app with Twitter and Foursquare.


Looking for love near you? Well, SmartDating app is a great way to find one. It allows you not just to check out other users, but also see who’s checking you out. If you are interested with another user, you can chat with them through private messaging or exchanging e-mails. If, after some time, you feel a connection, you can meet up anywhere you two want by using the built-in local spot finder. The app can filter by common interests and by what you are looking for too.


Since we are all picky when choosing someone to date with, we should also be picky about the date spot. Picksie helps you look for restaurants, coffee shops, bars and other locations based on your likes and dislikes. That’s less tress for you when planning a date. You can also use this app to choose a place based on the weather and time of the day.


Now you might be thinking what to do when your date goes wrong. No spark? Want to escape? Is it a date that didn’t go as planned? Well then, DateEscape can help you! It’s an app that makes fake calls and messages so that you can excuse yourself from any date. You can create your own customized messages with fake callers that tell you to come home quick.


This app is available for Android, BlackBerry and iOS, and the best thing is it’s free! Having 2.3 million users, its target audience are gays, bisexuals and curious men, 18 years and older. The app displays profiles near your current location and you can chat and trade photos with them. The app also has a map view to show you the locations of potential dates. You can also filter the match results by age.


Like the other dating apps here in the list, Jazzed is a location-based dating apps with the ability to filter matches by state or designated number of miles. Jazzed emphasizes on pictures. Users have to upload photos which will be added to a feed that is filterable by interest, subject or location. Although it is free, users can only like or nudge other users, but they have to pay for additional features like messaging.

OKCupid Dating

This app connects itself to the original dating website on your Android. Just like OKCupid.com, it shows you profiles, status updates, match messaging and locations for convenient meetings. Narrow down your chances to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right with OKCupid Dating!


With 7 million users, this one is a great dating app for your Android or iOS smartphone. The app has a grid-like user interface that shows users options for finding people, chatting and more. You can also “wink” at other users and see who checks your profile. You can also unlock extra features (like sending gifts) by getting enough points for activities you do on the app.

Plenty Of Fish

This app comes from the “world’s largest online dating site” with more than 40 million users. It is almost impossible not to find your date using this app. You can search via profiles and places. Yes, there are plenty of fish in the sea, so better catch one with this app!


So what do you think? Do you think you’ll have that dream date on Valentine’s Day? Better start looking for a date now so that you’ll have someone to give a box of chocolates on Valentine’s! Turn your smartphone into a matchmaker with these apps and let it find you your Valentine.

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