Mango sweater

Cheap Monday jeans

Theyskens' Theory Ying Booties

Finally got myself a backpack! Years of slouching over a keyboard for hours on end has taken its toll on my back so the only logical thing to do (according to the doctor) was to evenly distribute the weight I carry.  So after much scouring I finally settled on this black canvas one from the men’s department. Except I’ve always found it hard to actually wear a backpack the way it was meant to be worn.. that kind of defeats the purpose, hah, but I’m trying :)

Oh and for those of you who commented on the lovely hot weather we’re having, well, no reason to be jealous just yet as we’re dealing with a fairly indecisive mother nature at the moment. My backpack looks bulky because there’s actually another sweater in it. So hard to keep up, but between being super busy at work and play I haven’t really found time to brood over the change too much.. hope you’re all having an awesome week. Christmas (and the holidays!!) are only two more weeks or so away! Can’t wait.

Mango sweater, Cheap Monday jeans, ASOS backpack, Wanderlust+Co bracelet, Theyskens’ Theory shoes. Photos by W.

Absolutely Fuzzy

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