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Since I work from home, I decided it was high-time to pack up my laptop from my dining room table and create a quiet workspace/ mini office for myself. We live in a two bedroom apartment where one room is ours and the others is the FHBs {view her nursery here}, so I was limited on options of where to place it. While some people just squeeze a desk into their living room because it’s where they have the most spare space, I just couldn’t bare the thought of guests seeing it when they came over {a view of my living room here}. So instead I chose a much smaller and crowded option which was a corner of empty space in our bedroom. It definitely required some shuffling around and losing one side table, but ultimately I think the space came out perfectly!

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To create a defined ‘office area’, I hung a mirror {the Gilbert Wall Mirror from Kenroy Home} directly over my Pirouette Desk from the Land of Nod. The reason I went to a children’s home store for my desk was because I needed a narrower dimension to fit the space, not to mention kids lines tend to be great ‘discounts’ compared to your usual larger scale furniture! Now the most important thing to remember when you have a desk in a ‘busy’ room is to keep your desk-top as simple and clean as possible. The only items on my desk are an Industrial Task Table Lamp from West Elm, a small pencil holder with a few desk essentials like scissors and pens, a Monogram Geo Plate from C. Wonder to hold stray keys etc, and a few photos and small floral arrangement over in a cluster to the side. All of my papers and files are organized in Bristol Magazine File Holders from the Container Store.

My last tip was inspired by a girl friend of mine’s blog WithLovefromKate when she was featured in this Glitter Guide Post. She showed how she used her desk drawers for jewelry to maximize space {genious!!}, so I bought small stacking acrylic trays again from the Container Store and organized my bracelets just like she did. I love that I can reach into my drawers mid-post to put on jewelry {total multi-tasking}!

So there you have it, a sneak peek to where all the magic happens. It’s a shame I am off to West Palm Beach and Miami for the next few weeks and will be missing out on my quiet workspace… follow me on Instagram to see what my make-shift desks end up being!

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