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February Fashion Challenge

Im not sure if any of you have noticed (dont know how you could not notice) but ive been spending a lot lately. Im ready to admit. Ive become a shopaholic and its not cool, not at all. I dont even want to mention how much money ive been spending or have spent just this year already. Its actually kind of embarrassing. Who knew great clothes could be embarrassing. But it is. The pressure of the fashion industry doesnt scare me but it excites me. And it makes me just want to buy everything to prove I know my designers and styles and pieces.

But I dont have to waste all my money to look fabulous. Its time to grow up out of this spoiled girl mindset and start saving, working harder and being happy with my wardrobe.

Im coming up with a challenge. Starting today (2/5/2013) to not buy anything else for an entire month. Sure, it seems normal to other people but to me this is difficult. And I want to share my experience with you on this blog! I came up with some valuable (Pun intended) tips!


1. Trade it in. Or sell then buy – take all gently used clothes to local consignment shops OR, even better, do it from the comfort of your new home. One website that lets you buy and sell your clothes is Twice. Think the fun of a consignment shop plus the ease of online shopping. Every little bit counts, so even if you spend more than you buy it will at least lower the impact on your wallet.

2. Versatile pieces. Some of the best investments are those where you get your use – so, when buying this year, spend more on items that you can use in many different ways. My favorite is the convertible dress, which apparently you can wear 15 different ways! Try this one from Nordstrom’s by TwoBirds.

3.Timeless accessories. These will last a lifetime, and are intended to go well with everything. Pick wisely, and you’ll find yourself collecting instead of trashing over time. Anthropologie tends to have a nice line that is well-made and blendable with most trends and looks.

4. Keep it Simple. Have you noticed how it’s easy to get caught up on ALL the different looks per season? But really, how many of them do you end up actually wearing? Know your look and stick to it. I’m a business-casual type gal who lives at the beach, so stocking up on high heels and down vests to match that look I saw in a NY-based magazine isn’t the best use of my cash.

5.Organizeyour closet As weird as it sounds, think about it: how many times have you come home with a shopping bag just to realize that yes, you DO actually own a magenta sweaterbut it has really just been in the hamper for the past week. So, keep your closet organized and I recommend checking it prior to shopping – you’ll save time and money.