guara siskiyou pink by rochelle greayer There were just four little pots left at my local country store….so I pounced. I have admired Gaura for some time, but haven’t really ever planted it and I had no idea that its blooms were a great fall addition to the garden (I took these shots of my newest babies just a couple of days ago).

sedum autumn joy in the studio g garden by rochelle greayer I also had no idea that its color is a near shade match with sedum and the two together provide a lovely mix of weight and texture.

hydrangea by rochelle greayer And then there is the hydrangea (whose varietyI can’t remember) with flowers I thought were supposed to be all pink — but it turns out it opens white and fades to a pretty autumn mauve.

Pink is my new garden red…(at least for this year) and I have been pleased with my recent discoveries for interesting fall color. How is your garden this autumn…any surprise colors popping up?

I am busy contending with pine needles. Even though I live in leafy New England, it is pine needles that give me fall grief. They carpet everything (notice how they are in every picture?) and I haven’t found a good way to make these lemons into lemonade. Advice for over-pined gardens always welcome here….

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