You won't believe me if I said I have been searching for the perfect pair of leather shorts since last summer, or maybe even before. I literally jumped on this pair when I found it on a rack placed to high for me to tip toe and reach for. You should know how much I wanted it as I utilized my limited vertical, reaching for it with my fingertips and snatched it off the rack. The sales women probably thought I was going to tear the store down.

Leather is the best texture to pair with conservative pieces, saying 'I am a good girl, but watch out'. I wore this to school and the best thing that happened was seeing a 'ohh' look on my business teacher's (male teacher who is ever so proud of his collection of cufflinks. They are pretty cool- bullets, bananas.) face along with a comment first on how cool my shoes are. Then the eyes traveled up, 'Interesting outfit. It is very put together but also... casual. Very stylish'. 

Yup, he made my day.