Effy Stonem.

She is my fashion idol. And also just my idol in general because she is so freaking cool.

Don't know who she is? Watch SKINS (the UK version) & it will change your life. It's on Netflix Instant Watch. By far the best TV series I have ever seen.

Effy is all about the "badass" look. Her edgy attitude translates into her fashion sense. She loves leather, black, studs, moto boots, layered chains (necklaces & bracelets), tiny dresses, ripped clothing, vest t-shirts, fishnets, tights, and eyeliner. Even though the series was filmed years ago, Effy's style is actually right on point with this season's current trends.

Check out the collages I made below of items I specifically picked out from a variety of my favorite online sites that match Effy's amazing style. I definitely plan on copying some of these outfits this fall.

P.S. Check out my tutorial post on how to get Effy's makeup look!

Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem
Effy Stonem
Even though this took me forever to do, I am SO glad I put these collages together because it really helped me brainstorm for the fall!
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