I’ve loved Christine Centenera ever since I first saw her on street-style blogs a few years ago. She’s got great looks (perfect hair and tan), has a to-die-forjob(fashion editor at Harper’s BazaarAustralia), jest sets around the world for fashion shows (front seat of course) and well, she’s just so darn….cool.

Always done up but minimalist and effortless at the same time.





Three lessons from Christine

1. Go bold

She’s never one to shy away from bold shapes. Structured blazers, sheer blouses, anduniquely cut skirts permeate her wardrobe. Try incorporating one key piece into an every day look–a blouse with spikes, studs or sequins–to addinterest.

2. Stay neutral

She sticks to muted tones like grey, taupe, denim and black and will add eye-appeal through heraccessoriesor the cut of the garment. Her key look is a monochromatic look so that her outfitsaren'ttoo visually fussy. It lets others concentrate on you–she wear those clothes; they don’t wear her!

3. Kill it with your accessories

Whether it’s a statement necklace or a killer pair of shoes (the shoes! have you seen her shoes!!!!) you know she has access to all the best designers. While she keeps it simple with her clothes (not boring though!) she always manages to stand out through her much-coveted collections of accessories. Try adding colorful heels or abejeweledbibnecklace.

images via style.com