Fashion is constantly a revolving glass door of in with the new out with the already worn. But unless you’re one of the elite, repurchasing your entire wardrobe each time a fleeting trend appears, is impossible. (I mean, I can totes see myself doing that at any price bracket but then again im also willing to go weeks without cable or food) There are ways for you to incorporate new trends into your personal style without being a total homeless person. 

  • Don’t go too wild : If you aren’t a huge fan of animal print but you really just want to fit in with the popular girls, don’t go all cheetah pants. Just find a little accessory embellishment in a statement belt or some fab loafers
  • Sweat it out : Sweaters will always be in style, kay. So, adding a cute collared shirt beneath or a collar necklace is totally understandable, oh and did I say cute?
  • Blood Shot : We’ve all seen oxblood around universal closets. If you haven’t, well then catch up. This is a bold color for some. Don’t get the brightest top if you aren’t comfortable with anything other than black. There are tons of glam headbands and tear drop earrings with this stunning color.