Hi friends! It's Brittany from A Handcrafted Home and today is the next installment in the Fashion & Furnishings column. This column was developed to help you infuse your own personal style into your home and to show you that decorating your home doesn't have to be intimidating. To create a fantastic room, apply the same rules for creating a stellar outfit. Take into consideration the color palette, structure, scale, style and patterns of the the items you choose for your home. Think about spending more money on statement pieces like a sofa or rug that can really impact the overall feel of your room. Masterfully layer in accessories that will add color and interest without breaking your budget. By following these simple rules, you can make any room into a stylized space.

Today's post is inspired by this outfit from Ruche. I especially love color palette, feminine floral top and faceted necklace. I chose to incorporate these items by using the watercolor floral wallpaper from Anthropologie and the faceted pendant lamp from Urban Outfitters. The small settee from Dwell studio adds a structured statement and the bright aqua and gold vases from Jonathan Adler to add a pop of color. I hope you enjoy these picks for your home. -blessings, Brittany

1. Pendant Lamp2. Wallpaper3. Settee4. Vases