Happy Monday everyone! Today is the return of the the Fashion & Furnishings column here on the blog. I started this column to inspire you to create a home that truly reflects your personal style. Putting together a styled outfit is something that has become easier over time because we've had a lot of practice. We choose clothing and accessories daily that complement one another. However, putting together a styled home can be a bit more tricky because we don't do it as often. It is my hope that through this Fashion and Furnishings column, you'll learn to style rooms in your home the same way you style outfits for yourself. You don't necessarily have to like everything I post here, but hopefully you'll feel more confident choosing pieces for your home.

If your personal style is feminine like this floral and lacy look from Anthropologie, decorate your bedroom with this floral quilt, intricate side table, pearl lamp and neutral rug. -blessings, Brittany

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1. Lamp2. Floral Quilt3. Side table4. Rug