I am so excited for The Great Gatsby to be released this summer! Not only was F. Scott Fitzgerald'snovelmy favorite "forced" reading in high school, but Carey Mulligan's dresses were designed by Prada! And- bonus, Leonardo DiCaprio was cast as Jay Gatsby, fully clad inBrooks Brothersthroughout. {swoon} I'm thinking he will play this character very well, the perfect mix of brazen and attractive poise.

We got this covered

Prada released the design sketches for 4 of Carey Mulligan's dresses for the movie. This orange flapper dress is by far my favorite.


May 10, 2013 is when this movie is scheduled to come out. Noting that it was supposed to come out in Winter 2012, I am so on edge for this release! Until then I will berocking my Great Gatsby toteto the fullest and rereading this amazing story in preparation.

Are you a Gatsby fan too? What do you think of the orange flapper dress?