Who was Awful? What was fabulous and what sucked in 2012?

-PJ Gach

Kristen stewart sneakers swath

There were incredible highs this year and incredible lows. A US space mission to Mars didn’t fail; meggings (men’s leggings) is attempting to torture our eyes and sensibilities. We had devastating Sandys: Super Storm Sandy and the Sandy Hook school shooting.Kristen Stewart kept wearing sheer on the red carpet. It went from vaguely titillating to boring.

Stars have gotten pregnant—Jenna Dewan Tatum,Jessica Simpson, et al. Stars have given Birth—Reese Witherspoon and a bunch more. The perennial rumor that JenAnisto n is preggers has once again reared its head.

Gray lips is a trend. I think whoever came up with that idea should be slapped back into next Tuesday. Skinny jeans are still here, so are messy buns, dip-dye hair and high-low hems.

Okay, you’ve read the article this far and you’re probably wondering where the hell is my best and worst list of the year, right? Guess what, I am not making one.

Every single website, blog, newspaper, magazine and your neighbor has a list of what was hot and what sucked this past year. You’ve been inundated to the point of nausea. Why should I add any more fuel to the fire? Do you really care that I think gray lips make people look like they need more fruit in their diet? Or that men in leggings is as bad as them dressing up for a renn faire?

Nah, I didn’t think so.

What I am interested in is what you think. What did you love or hate this year? What made your world rock and what made it really and truly suck.

I’m asking you to take over the comments section of my blog and use it to let the world know what you love, what you think is amazing and what was the biggest ass hat mistake of the year.