After perusing my stack of magazines this weekend (finally), I consistently came across pumps and flats with a capped toe in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. From neutral to bright and matte to metallic, there was nothing too bold for the tips of the toes. This is one trend I plan on investing in. My dull work pants could use something fun peaking out from under the hem.

Untitled #59

Untitled #59 by mandajoy166 featuring flat shoes

Since not everyone can afford to splurge on something like a purple velvet gold capped toe loafer....There are so many great affordable finds I came across while surfing the web.

  1. $120.00
  2. DSW $30.00
  3. $53.00
  4. Zappos $89.00
  5. $207.00 (on sale!)
  6. $170.00
  7. YSL @ $269.00
  8. $130.00
  9. $105.00
  10. Giuseppe Zanotti $600.00