I especially added the last picture to today’s post. Do you feel the way I feel?—- All the pictures look so “fancy” except the last one, somehow that’s how I feel about the blog/fashion world being different from “real life.”  While looking “fancy” in the post, I am in a worried mood and busy dealing with Red Bear’s sickness the last couple days.  The poor little thing got a fever when he was in school last Friday and we had to bring him home early when the school called.  He had chills, fever, and a cold.  He is still pretty sick this weekend, couldn’t go to church or to visit grandpa, and I am so sad that he can’t make it to the school today.

Sometimes the blog world is one way to escape the real life, but what matters to us are still those people who are around us.

In Chinese: 很久没在博客里放我和RB的合影了, 今天专门在最后放了一张. 不知道你是否会有和我一样的感觉—除了最后一张相片, 其他相片看上去都很”光鲜”. 其实这也正是我对写时尚博客与真实生活的不同体验. 很多时候, 博客里显示的都是”光鲜”的穿着, 可是在现在生活中, 比如这几天, 我一直都处于一种担心的状态, 每天发照顾生病的RB忙碌着. 上周五这个可怜的小家伙在学校里发冷发烧, 被老师打电话给我们提前把他从学校里接了回来. 刚刚过去的这个周末, 他也一直病怏怏的, 教堂也没去, 与爷爷每周一次的聚会也取消了. 今天估计还是去不了学校.

有些时候, 时尚博客也好, 微博也好, 都是一种逃避现实生活的方式, 但是, 真正关系到我们切身的, 还是身边的人儿. 好好珍惜身边的人们.


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