I have long lashes. Blessing right? Well, yes, they are but I haven't really enjoyed them until recently.

Now if you know me or have read my blog you know that I have close to zero knowledge about any beauty products. I'm clueless. But this much I do know- lashes are supposed to be curled! (right?)

I've searched high and low for a mascara that could hold my lashes up and curled ALL day. I've tried higher-end brands like Dior and inexpensive finds from grocery stores. Nothing ever worked! Well, ladies and gentlemen, I finally found something!

Maybelline's "The Falsies" Volum' Express Mascara. I originally purchased it because the bottle was pretty (this is how I usually determine which beauty product to purchase) and inexpensive (around $8 depending where you buy it). Now, I buy it because it works!





Ok so obviously it doesn't look as dramatic as they advertise but the point is - it works! It stays on, holds the curl, gives some volume (the picture above is only one coat. I usually add several coats for more volume.), doesn't get clumpy - and it does these things ALL day! I'm in love.

Try it!