4f178d3c6fdf020d20d8aff2dde3edb22726eb55Seems like my adjustment into the northern cold weather is not going as smooth as I would like. Fall is not even officially over and already I am freezing my booty off!

I have heard that the worst of the winter typically hits around January and February. This makes me pretty nervous considering the current 30-40s New York weather is about as cold as it usually gets in Texas. Understandably, my closet is not exactly full of snowy-winter weather clothing and accessories — at least not yet. In anticipation of the dropping temperatures, I am on the hunt for my "winter-survival gear".

Here are just a few coveted items that are on the top of my list:
(listed in clock-wise order, starting from top left)
Grey dip dye faux fur jacket - $89 (on sale from $119)
Grey novelty badger beanie - $15 (on sale from $21)
DP London Nude owl scarf - $15 (on sale from $21)

What winter clothing or accessories are on top of your list?