I was doing some online perusing this weekend and I found some FABULOUS pieces at Forever 21! I started tweeting them, but they were too good not to share with my non-tweeting followers. Enjoy!

It’s kind of funny, some of my favorite pieces have come from Forever 21. I’ve found that with a little tweaking, you can turn some of their pieces into items that you’ll have for the long haul. For example, take my Forever 21 Faux Fur Vest. Originally, it came with some ugly ribbon sash on it, but I just removed the sash and cut off the ribbon loops on the side. And wah lah, a cute, versatile vest that I’ve been wearing for 4 years now!

Outfit #1 / Outfit #2 / Outfit #3 / Outfit #4 / Outfit #5 / Outfit #6 / Outfit #7

PS – Hurry! You know how their diamond-in-the-rough pieces sell out quickly! :)

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